SQZin Software
SQZin is a cloud based software that turns ANY link into an opt-in grabbing, call to action squeeze page.
Advantages of SQZin Software:
  •  Turn a webpage/link into a viral, list building, cash sucking squeeze page with banners, call to actions or optin forms.
  •  It turns ANY link into a profitable squeeze page including news articles, quiz, YouTube video, Shopify offer, affiliate link or Facebook post.
  •  No editing or writing or even English language skills required.
  •  Finds up to date viral content you can profit from, that is updated every 10 minutes.  Like BuzzSumo without the absurd restrictions and $79 (min.) per month fee.
  •  Create instant video squeeze pages that can go viral with just a couple of clicks
  •  Build your list and get more clicks to your offers in a fun, exciting new way.
  •  You can do a search for any niche content and have it come back with results ready to set your autoresponder ablaze.
  •  Social share buttons appear automatically with every link that you squeeze. Your visitor can share the content on the social platforms you select.
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