Clipman delivers video ads so irresistible; they’ll engage your customers 
with engagement and intrigue.

 It’s your new ‘secret weapon’ designed to help you get all the attention in the world
Instant FB List Overview:
  •  Product Name: Instant FB List Software
  •  Maker: Tis Limited (Ishaq J.)
  •  Home Page:
  •  Product Type: Software
  •  Front End Price: $27
  •  Target Niche: This tools can be used for any niche promoting their products on Facebook.
  •  Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Advantages of Clipman:
  •  Create video ads that send floods of targeted buyers to your website without any complex video editing software, without paying an arm and a leg for costly production team and without spending a fortune on designers and graphic artists.
  •  Video ads are hands down the best way to supercharge customer engagement levels and turn shoppers into paying BUYERS! 
  •  With the Clipman ad engine, you can pump out Hollywood-quality video ads that attract attention like bees to honey. 
  •  Clipman’s point-and-click system means ANYONE can now create standout video ads that pull leads, sales and PROFITS.
  •  Their ad templates have been crafted according to our own 6 & 7 figure ad campaigns.
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